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The origin of the name Pazirik

Our company’s name was born from our great interest towards history. Pazyryk culture got to be known around the world relatively lately: the first graves have been found by Russian archaeologist Sergei Ivanovich Rudenko in the beginning of the 20. century.

Pazyryk is a world famous place in the western part of the Altai Mountains near the Ukok-plateau. It can be found to the north-east from there at the headwaters of the Ob, in Russia, near the borders of Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazahstan.

The name of Altai according to one interpretation means brindle, colorful mountains. Every valley is different, so because of this the land has always been very colorful from an ethnical aspect also. It has been inhabited from the earliest periods: it is here where lately one of the most important anthropological find from the Paleolithic period has been found and got to be world famous – a couple of bones belonging to a hominide not yet known before. The Altai though kept further fascinating finds for the world to behold – in the image of the Scythian people. The local group of the huge Eurasian culture is called Pazyryk after the digging site where the first perfectly preserved frozen prince tombs from the 6th and 3rd centuries BC have been found in the 1920s by Russian archaeologists. Here we’re not speaking about the eternal realm of ice, but another not yet unscrambled phenomenon, when underground at a certain depth a so called ice-cork is formed in the stone laid kurgan tomb. These ice-corks preserved the burials of the Pazyryk culture for over 2500 years. The dead have been buried in a spacious wooden chamber made cozy by rugs ornamented with colorful scenes – at many occasions along with horses and carriages.

After a long pause in the 1990s further finds have been brought to surface by the archaeologists from Novosibirsk who have been searching on the Ukok-plateau for years. Here they found the grave of the rich woman nicknamed „princess of Ukok”. One of her most genuine attributes is her tattoo that has been preserved thanks to the mummification. Both of her arms and some of her finger joints have been covered by leopards, rams, stags and all kinds of fantastical beings mixing limbs of existing creatures in blue ink. The tattoos have been spotted when the dead body freed from the captivity of ice 19 years ago was to be transported to the capital (and only city) of the Altai Republic, Gorno-Altaysk, so she could be laid to rest there in a glass sarcophagus.

Polosmak claims that the tattoos at that time functioned as some kind of ID card, like a passport. The Pazyryks thought that the tattoos would help them on to the afterlife, where the family members would find one another easier.

The Pazirik (written in Hungarian) Informatics Ltd. logo is also depicting such a fantastic beast that was often drawn with a pair of legs touching the ground while another pair kicking into the sky symbolizing the strong mystical bond between the sky and the earth.


An IT company dealing with development of 3D historic reconstructions, historic animated movies and interactive content related to theoretical reconstructions, information terminals and mobile applications.

Pazirik Ltd. is an IT enterprise disposing of various activities utilized in numerous tender projects requiring complex realization in the past years and today as well. The enterprise deals with comprehensive visual image design, scientific 3D historic reconstructions, visual design of exhibitions and developments, programming and testing interactive exhibitional multimedia content and mobile applications, complex geoinformatics processing, researcher database development and planning, 3D printing and creating historic models and publishing and fine tuning these solutions while supplementing and reinforcing one another.

The various exhibition arrangements encompassing whole processes and the application of the newest achievements and research outcome of information technology into the lives of everyday users means the continuous involvement of experts from the fields of graphics, the 3D virtual world, geoinformatics and working fields related to these by many threads into the operations of the company.


In the past years the development of historic 3D reconstructions and the related passive and active digital content became accentuated in the activities of our company, which appears as an important content related performer in both of the fields of tourism and education in our national market. With the help of developed software and technological tools we have achieved a more experience like presentational appearance in the field of mediation scientific information. The innovative content developed by Pazirik Ltd. affect the whole spectrum of society, from young age to senior age group. The complex utilization of applied graphic and technological solutions is a novelty. The digital and interactive content crafted with the help of mobile phones and tablet tools are already reachable and cognizable also at the given historic locations.

Advancement / development possibilities

The crafted digital content and the virtual worlds developed by it evoked a great interest in both the national and international markets. Thanks to the dynamic technological and software development the applied tools and frame systems are constantly changing, development dynamically evolves both on visual and technological levels. The utilization of the newest virtual viewers (Virtual Reality technologies, Oculus Rift), the application of dynamically evolving game engines and utilization of developing indoors navigation solutions and the optimization processes for the new presentation tools mean an unlimited development possibility in the presentation of the reconstructed historic spaces and digital content.

Professional potential, innovation

The advantage of the technologies developed by our company is that an extremely spectacular development was created maximally exploiting the possibilities and capabilities of modern technological tools along the previous reconstruction and presentation tools. “Educate while playing” and “See the unseen” are important slogans of the content developed by the company which accurately testify the directions and principles represented by us. The technology developed by us makes it possible that the digital reconstruction materials are accessible and comparable with reality at the historic location thus theoretical reconstructions become more comprehensible and historic knowledge is more effectively mediated.

Appearance in new markets

We would like to appear in the following market segments with our services nationally and internationally both:

  • Virtual Reality technology software development
  • Developments in direction of game engines
  • Development and utilization of 3D printing technologies
  • Global museological and touristic market
  • Touristically highlighted historical locations both on national and international levels
  • Education field both on national and international levels

Horizont 2020


Pazirik Informatics Ltd. has successfully closed the extensive development project accomplished within the confines of the tender with the code GOP-3.3.4-15. The employees of the enterprise gained opportunity to get to know the Horizont 2020 program, and to get prepared needed for the participation in the Horizont 2020 program tender announcements. Pazirik Informatics Ltd. has had resort to innovation consultation along the project materialized with an EU subsidy of 10,74 million Forints.

Along the materialization of the project the employees of Pazirik Informatics Ltd. were prepared within the confines of a complex training, including about the possibilities of accessing the direct sources from Brussels. Besides, identifying, analyzing and the filtration of the subject ideas that may be considered by the company according to H2020, the so far largest research-development and innovation resource budget of the EU have also happened, and planning and preparing the materialization of potential H2020 tender ideas also ran their course.

We intend to open towards the international possibilities using the achievements of developments materialized along the project in favor of appearing in the new markets.
We have accomplished the Pic and HITA registration in order to reach our goals, furthermore our highlighted projects became presentable thanks to the constant development of our homepage, information about these is already accessible in English.

We have raised the ability of surveying the internal resources, determining the strategic development directions and configuring the international cooperation, with the project to a new level.

We would like to achieve as an outcome of the materialization to make the technologies and content developed by us cognizable in a wider range both on a national and international level, and also to gain an appropriate knowledge in the fields of determining the development directions, and shaping the evaluation channels.

We expect a leap forward in our foreign connections from the professional counseling days about the basics of networking, as our products are challenging both enterprises developing 3D visualization technologies, and touristic enterprises. New target groups become accessible and addressable thanks to the development of our communication and marketing systems, furthermore presentations introducing hidden details not revealed until this time and lifelike also, may bring learning material closer for students. The greatest challenge about the projects developed by us beyond content development is that we can convert achieved outcome to mobile devices without quality loss along following the extreme pace of digital visualization technology development. Further development of the digital content shaped up so far based on feedback and sales experience can only be comprehended together with service and content expansion happening collaterally.

The trainings and consultation days materialized by the project have contributed to the recognition of tender subsystems appearing in the setting of H2020, the development of self-reliant international network building and partner seeking potential, and also configuring the appropriate development and customer service strategies in the market defined by trends developing dynamically and losing actuality quickly.

Our staff

  • András Balogh CEO
  • Zsuzsanna Tóth Manager
  • Attila Üveges Managing director
  • Norbert Sandó Project manager
  • Dávid Ádám 3d graphics
  • Ivett Bősz-Schaff project manager
  • Melinda Faragó Software developer
  • Tamás Gál video editor, camera operator
  • Attila Gódi Video editor, camera operator
  • Gábor Eperjesi Graphic artist
  • Rajmund Hasenauer Graphic designer
  • Bálint Katona Video editor, camera operator
  • Endre Kincses Graphic artist
  • Katalin Komor Office manager
  • Csenge Kiss Graphic artist
  • Zoltán Kovács Photographer
  • Zoltán Maróti 3D graphic designer
  • Gábor Menyhárt 3D graphic designer
  • Zsolt Mihályi 3D graphic designer
  • Ádám Mohai Layout designer
  • Tibor Paróczy Senior Developer
  • Lili Pethő Graphic artist
  • Péter Sámson Graphic artist
  • Zsolt Sebestyén Software developer
  • Dániel Sterner Content manager
  • Bence Szabó 3D graphic artist
  • Balázs Szakonyi Creative director
  • Daniel Szauer Video editor, camera operator



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